David Parkes

Vice President

Licensed General Contractor - Florida & Georgia
FACE Companies - Certified in Floor Flatness/Levelness

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David graduated from high school from Battle Ground Academy in 1981 and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Tennessee Tech University in 1986.  David currently leads the building construction division of Parkes Construction.  While David has been involved in numerous projects during his tenure at Parkes from theaters, retail, industrial, etc. there is one program that stands out as his favorite.  David worked with Circuit City for several years, acting as the Owners Representative for Circuit City while Parkes worked as the General Contractor, too.  This shows the trust that his client placed in him to be the Owners Representative and the Contractor at the same time.  This was a very unique but successful and rewarding opportunity.


David’s spare time is spent mostly riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle.  David is also an avid golfer, enjoys exercising, riding his road bicycle, and staying as fit as possible.  David also enjoys outdoor smoke cooking & grilling every chance he gets.